Circus of Torment is a unique live horror show filled with thrilling acts, comedy and immersive theatrical elements throughout.

In this horror circus the tormented soul of the late circusdirector Alexandre Ferluci returns from the dead. And he is not alone! Together with his former artists they haunt the darkness within their cursed Big Top! Dare to take place around the center stage and travel back into the dark time of the freakshows and experience jaw-dropping and thrilling acts you’ve never witnessed before come to life all around you…

The Circus of Torment is approx. 1 hour and 20 min.

Vognsbølparken 1.-3. and 6.-10. September.
Havnepladsen 15.-17., 20.-24. and 27.-30. September and 1. October.
Ansgar Anlæg 27.-29. and also 31. October and 1.-5. November

The Circus of Torment is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

The show has an age recommendation of 12 years and older.

An exciting and humorous “circus meets horror” performance with internationally award-winning artists.

Yes, the shows in Aarhus on the 17th of September at 6.30pm and 9pm, as well as in Odense on 1st of November at 9pm are in English.

Tickets are available here and via the website www.dystopia.dk or at the door if not sold out. The doors open for sales one hour before the start of the performance.

The CarnEVIL area opens 1 hour before the performance starts and there will be various activities and the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks. It is important that visitors with R.I.P. tickets will arrive in good time. They are the first guests admitted to an exclusive pre-show.

It is possible to find free parking spaces in the local area and in nearby parking lots, we do recommend arriving in good time to find parking and not miss any of the pre-show entertainment.

With our R.I.P. ticket you sit very close to the stage, get early access to the seats and get a group photo taken with our artists after the show, as well as before the show you will get an exclusive pre-show that is only for guests with R.I.P. tickets.

International artists will perform on stage, but overall all speech will be in Danish. Our service crew also speaks Danish.

No, it is not permitted to take pictures and video recordings during the performance itself. However, it is permitted to take pictures and videos before and after the performance.

As an additional service, we offer that you can easily and free of charge move your tickets to another time that suits you – up to 1 week before the event! See how HERE

You cannot get your tickets refunded for this performance, as the performance was purchased from abroad. According to the act on certain consumer agreements, the purchase of tickets is not covered by the right of cancellation.

No, unfortunately there is no accessibility for wheelchair users. It is possible to get an accompanying ticket for DKK 150 for people with disabilities other than wheelchair users. This only applies to standard tickets. Write us an email at cot@dystopia.dk if you want a companion ticket. It is a requirement that you can present a valid companion card when attending.

Yes, there will be sales of delicious snacks, beer and other drinks available

Loud music, moments of complete darkness, lighting and strobe effects and heavy smoke are used throughout the performance. Characters sometimes come very close to where accidental touching can occur.

We do not recommend the show for younger children, heavily pregnant women and people with heart problems or epilepsy.

Contact us via our Facebook page Dystopia Entertainment or send an email to cot@dystopia.dk